We Get You Free Traffic
(Means free leads)

I Got Viral boosts your social media audience, kicks your website to Google's page#1 and gets you free traffic.


Local Business Growth

We specialize in local businesses and we limit our help to only 3 businesses per industry and per location to guarantee your success


Google's page #1

That's how you win. Period. By being on Google's Page #1 when people are looking for your service or product, you get free-ready-to-buy leads.


Social Media Growth

Be visible to lots of people to increase your social proof. We grow your audience to boost your social media outreach and build your name.

Why I Got Viral?

Some companies focus on SEO. Others focus on Social Media. At I Got Viral, we know both are interdependent. We built I Got Viral to offer local businesses the best consistent visibility.

With I Got Viral, you create free traffic to your website and to your business. Free Traffic means that you don't have to pay for each lead. That's how you can boost your sales while minimizing your cost. The Secret for profit.

  • We get you to Google's Page #1
  • We optimize your Social Media
  • We grow your Social Media audience

Why I Got Viral is
Best for your Business

Most local businesses don't manage their online marketing the way they should. That's because most local businesses can't afford a good marketing service

We call this an opportunity for you to succeed. Because of that situation we CAN get you to Google's Page#1 and grow your audience on social media to beat your competition.

Secured Contract

Secured Contract

We only work for a maximum of 3 businesses per industry and per area. This is our guarantee of success. Our contract is month to month to secure your freedom.

Quick Results

Quick Results

We get started right away to get you quick results. You will see your social media audience grow right away and we will get you to Google's Page#1 within a few weeks. In average our clients get there in 3 to 6 months.

Free Leads

Free Leads

Our goal is to set everything up to get you long term free leads while growing your audience. The result? You get more customers at no recurring cost.

Dedicated Manager

You only talk to one person. That's how we build a strong relation and efficient management

Get Visible

We make you visible online so that you can have the audience to pitch your products or services

Powerful System

Our top of the line organization make us more efficient and cheaper than others

Lead Magnet

By generating free traffic, you don't have to spend tons of money in ads. Your leads are free

Advance Features
That Get You There

We're more efficient, better organized and we use AI to speed up the process. When traditional marketing agencies have a small number of clients they charge a lot money, I Got Viral offers worldwide service to drop the prices.

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado company
  • Customers in the US, EU and AU
  • Better than a local agency, cheaper than India
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Select Your Plan

Select Your Plan

Choose your strategy and get started today


  • • OFF Page SEO
  • • ON Page Recommendations
  • • SEO Auditing with Report
  • • Optimization Suggestions
  • • Instagram Audience Growth
  • • Facebook page/ account Auditing
$ 299 /month

Take Off

  • • On Page SEO
  • • Off Page SEO
  • • Social Media Optimization
  • • Instagram Audience Growth
  • • Google Page #1 guaranteed within 8 months
  • • Adwords Account Review
  • • Adwords Account Optimizations
  • • Facebook campaign Optimizations
  • • Online Reputation Management
$ 699 /month

Pure SEO

  • • 12 months of Fast track SEO
  • • Get to page 1 within 2 to 6 months
  • • Stay on page 1 year round
  • • 100% refund if we fail (but we don't)
  • • DISCOUNTED PRICE during the SEO Challenge
  • • Financing available start. $299/mo
$ 6,997 reg. $9,997
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Here's a sample of the questions we receive all the time. It should definitely help you

1. Why does SEO take time?

Getting your website to Google's page #1 doesn't happen overnight. Google studies your progress and the increased relevance of your content. Depending on the competition for the first page in your area, it can take anywhere between 2 and 12 months to get there. 3 to 6 months is our average.

2. Why would SEO help a local business?

Pulling out our smartphone every time we need something has become a habit. When looking for a hair salon, people use their smartphone or ask Siri for help. 97% of people don't go beyond the first page of results. Where do you want to be?

3. Why do marketing agencies not take commissions?

A marketing agency's goal is to get you traffic. But a marketing agency has no control over your capacity of selling, no control over the relevance of your pricing, no control over the way you handle your customers. That's why marketing agencies charge a fee instead of a commission on every sale. Good news: it's much cheaper for you.

4. What is the Google Page#1 guarantee?

Our Take Off and Premium plans come with a Google Page#1 guarantee. It means that we guarantee you will get there with your favorite keyword within 8 months (Take Off) or 6 months (Premium). It will likely be much faster than that. If you don't we refund you 50% of our bills.

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